System App Remover V7.1 PRO

 System App Remover V7.1 PRO

This software provides: system application uninstall, user application uninstall, move to SD card, install package scan, one-key ROOT help and other application management functions.

System application unloading

1. Batch one-key unloading function is provided to simplify operation steps;

2, automatic classification system application: [can be deleted], [recommended retention], [key modules], [core applications], to provide you with unloading advice;

3, automatic backup of uninstalled applications, you can completely delete or restore them in the recycle bin, and can customize the recycle bin directory.

4, can be customized display: time, package name, path;

5. Sort by type, name, size, time and path.

[user application uninstall]

1. Batch backup and uninstall installed applications;

2, can customize backup directory;

3, can be customized display: time, package name, path;

4. Sort by type, name, size and time.

[move to SD card]

1, can be a key batch application move;

2, can maximize the application to SD card;

3, can be customized display: time, package name, path;

4. Sort by type, name, size and time.

[installation package management]

1. Speed full scanning of APK installation package on SD card;

2. Batch delete and install APK installation package;

3, "batch rename" function, you can rename the apk file in the way you want;

4. "delete duplicate packages" function, which can scan all duplicate packages on SD card with one key and delete with one key;

5, "move to directory" function, one click to organize your installation package.

Long press the list to display details of the program: size, installation time, package name, apk file path, etc., and can be searched by apk file name, package name, application name in the web page and in the market.

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We strive to achieve the safest unloading, we have filtered out most of the applications that may lead to system instability after unloading for you, and have tested on hundreds of mobile phones. Of course, due to too many customized manufacturers, we cannot achieve 100% safe unloading, please understand.

We never say we are the best, but try our best to do better. If you have any comments or Suggestions in the process of use, please inform us through the user feedback, and we will try our best to improve.

Note: for security reasons, you must have root permission to uninstall the system!


Software reviews

A very practical professional unloading system built-in procedures of the tool application, it will run the phone needs some necessary components for early shielding, the third party ROM part of the personalized components will also do tips, very intimate. In addition, it also supports the program has been uninstalled restore function, very suitable for novice and often brush ROM machine friends use, recommended!